Friday, November 19, 2010

Who love winter?

Baru aku ada tanya kat satu site ni. Nama dia Yahoo! Answer. Kat sini leh tanya macam2. A-Z. Bosan2 tu aku tanya satu benda ni. who love winter in russia...coz i hate it! (-_-"). haha. sajer nak tengok respon russian2 ataupun spe2 yg pernah  experience cuaca extrem kt rusia ni. (yang pandai cakap BI jelah). Mari tengok some daripada jawapan2 depa.

Daripada : Eugene B 

If it's a good snowy winter with -10C -- 20C temperature, then yeah, it's fun. E.g. the last winter was awesome. However when the temperature fluctuates around 0C and the sky pours wet snow on you, it's truly horrible, that's the most disgusting weather I can imagine. Unfortunately where I live the weather was like this for almost 5-10 recent years (except the last one) and that's really wrong for this location. I hope the climate reverts back to how it used to be.

Daripada : MARC

Being from texas, i spent the last15 of 20 new years in russia, usually with long stays about 5 months or more. winter in texas is horrid. cold one day, then warm the next. i'll take the warm. BUT when it is 28-35 degrees F (-3 to +2 C) wet, drizzly, windy, and miserable, it is intolerable. in russia, we get way below -3 centicrade OR farenheit! as long as it is celsius, -15 or warmer, you can't say it is cold. the air doesn't remove heat from your body as in texas near freezing due to texas' humidity. it is 83 degrees, 29 celsius in our flat all winter. when outside it is -20 and sometimes it is, for many days. a little more dressing is needed. special care for -30s, -39 being the coldest i have seen. then, the air is like a hammer to your face. but i walked a couple miles in it 3 days in a row. sober, that is. and with the snow, beautiful snow! how can you not love the russian winter??!? walking in falling snow is so romantic!!

Daripada : Анна Фролова (Anna Frolova)

I love our snowy winter. I live where frosts reaching -30 -35 degrees, and summer heat up to +40. In winter, a lot of fun, ski, sled, winter hiking on the barbecue, children are molded snowmen, slide down slides, playing snowballs. To love the Russian winter, you need to be born here and live.

Daripada : kate

There is nothing wrong with snow and cold temperature. Of course one has to get used to it.
In fact it kills the germs and snow brings water to a soil.
Here in New York we have fairly cold and snowy winters. Not every year though. The good part is all private sector and roads get cleaned since fall and fractures will indebted the owner for life, in case the spot he/she owes would be the one a person slipped, fell and broke something. We have Lawyers for it.
Bad thing: Every little winter storm paralyzes the city, schools are not working, delays with public transportation, airports delays. That annoys a lot.
Also since we live on the Ocean, at North East, the wind is what makes it all problems. Because if it is+ 20F (about minus 5C with N wind it feels minus 20C or worse
Even silly Americans wear hats then

Jawapan dari kate nilah jawapan yg aku rasa paling mantooop.

Tulah je kott dari aku utk artikel ni. Hari ni salji turun dengan lebatnya. Boleh jer pergi kelas. Kena hati2 jalan yang licin. Banyak yg leceh time2 winter ni.

Tapi boleh main ice skating nanti kott. Jom2. Ada rezeki leh ski ke hape ke. Tahun lepas main salji depan n ragbi depan hostel. Memang BATAK!  haha

Have a nice,fun & meaningful winter!

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selamat pkai bju tebal2 =p
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next month aku beli winter clothes :D